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Our biggest asset does not show up in our balance sheet.

It is our team!

We are proud to have each one of our team members work with us.

Most of them started as volunteers and continue to serve our cause with equal zeal today.


Sachidananda Mishra

Chief Executive Officer

A Master’s graduate in Sociology with specialization in Environmental Sociology, Sachi joined Patang as a volunteer and became a full time employee in 2005. He has a deep interest in youth mobilization and is skilled in partnership building. He was awarded a fellowship for youth work from Indo-Global Social Service Society.

Bhumisuta Sahu

Team Leader - Kasturi

Armed with a Master’s degree in Sociology, Bhumi joined Patang as a volunteer in 2003 and became a staff member in 2006. She takes keen interest in gender and SRHR issues. She was the 2017-18 recipient of the National Foundation for India’s C. Subramaniam Award for grassroots works of community leaders.

Bijay Agarwal


Bijay is a young and committed accountant with 6 years of experience in both corporate and non-profits.

Bijay Kumar Nayak

Team Leader - Pathmakers

After completing his Master's degree in Social Work, Bijay joined Patang in 2009. He has 8 years experience in youth development and is a member of the World Youth Forum. His areas of expertise include design and facilitation of learning activities and curriculum design. Bijay presented Patang's youth programs in many national and international platforms.

Firoj Majhi

Program Coordinator - Juba Sathi

Firoj joined Patang in 2015 after copleting his Master's in Social Work. He has worked extensively for the development of tribal and marginalized communities in partnership with government and private agencies.

Gita Mishra

Part-time Accountant

Gita has been associated with Patang right from it's inception. An accomplished Odissi dancer, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Information Systems and Financial Management.

Rani Sanjukta Das

Associate Coordinator - Pathmakers

Before joining as a team member,Sanjukta participated in Patang’s Pathmakers program as part of the Sambalpur Youth Resource Center’s core group. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

Rupesh Behera

Associate Coordinator - Education Intervention

Before becoming an employee, Rupesh was a Pathmakers volunteer. During his graduation years, he was actively involved in the development of his college. Rupesh is also a skilled actor and comics drawing and writing trainer.

Malaya Pradhan

Team Leader - Adolescent Intervention

Malaya holds an MPhil in Sociology with specialization in Sociology of Informal Sector and Youth. He is associated with Patang since 2005. He is an executive member of Indian Association of Life Skills Education (IALSE) and a member of the World Youth Forum. Malaya has 12 years of experience in education and youth work.



Nirupama is an independent youth development practitioner with a specific interest in cross-cutting issues of identity, education and environment. During her career as a development professional, she was associated with different NGOs across India including Prajnya, Pravah, ActionAid and she is also a board member for Commutiny - The Youth Collective, a national-level collective of organizations and individuals. She is currently associated with Patang as an Advisor and, previously, as Director-Learning and Excellence.

Surya Narayan Dash

Team Leader - Squirrel

A Master’s graduate in Social Work, Surya always wanted to work for youth empowerment and development. He has six years of experience in children’s rights and Right to Education. He is a trained adolescents and parenting counselor.

Valentina Gazzola

Communications Consultant

Valentina owns a Master’s Degree in Political Science with aspecialization in Local and Regional Development. She has several years of experience indevelopment programs and human rights in Europe, Latin America and India. She is currently supporting Patang’s communication efforts.

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