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Samata Cup


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Gender work usually focuses on women's issues and often blames men for gender inequality. But gender norms also affect boys and men. Unfortunately, their problems are often ignored in policies and discussions. This neglect makes it hard to change harmful gender norms for men and boys.

To address this, Patang has started a program called 'The Real Man: Redefining Gender Norms' for young boys and girls, aged 13-24. It provides a safe and inclusive space for young boys to comprehend the negative impacts of prevailing gender norms on their lives and empowers them to unlearn and reframe these hurtful norms. Our goal is to foster a gender-equitable society by addressing the needs and perspectives of both boys and girls.
As part of "The Real Man Programme", the "Samata Cup" stands out as a unique initiative. It brings young boys together to form mixed-gender football teams in their villages or communities. Patang organizes the Mixed-Gender Football Tournament, where these boys take on a vital role as change-makers.
In the upcoming Samata Cup 2023 - Young Boys Breaking Gender Barriers. Patang is hosting an event in Sambalpur from November 7th to 17th, 2023. This tournament will feature 10 teams made up of 150 young people from villages, slums, and neighborhoods in Sambalpur. It's all about breaking down gender barriers and promoting equality!

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What do we want to achieve through this Mixed -Gender Tournament?

To create a narrative that allows young boys and girls to exemplify relationships built on respect and equality

How can you support the cause?

  • Please share about this event in your networks

  • Discuss with your friends about this initiative

  • Comment on our social media page

  • Cheer up young changemakers by watching different matches in case you are in Sambalpur

  • Participate in this event in the coming year

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