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Two Feet Ahead Together

The TFAT program strives to unlock the full potential of children during their school years. It focuses on enhancing learning outcomes and the quality of education in primary classes by adopting the Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education Approach. This initiative centers around three key priorities: building resilience, ensuring quality education, and
promoting children and youth participation in decision-making and governance. Patang is addressing these imperatives through various means:

  • Quality Education: This involves establishing and managing learning centers within government-run schools, organizing Language Melas, village-level book fairs, and children's festivals. It also includes creating innovative teaching materials and revitalizing School Management Committees.

  • Participation: Patang mobilizes youth from villages, equipping them with the skills to design and execute projects that address their community's challenges. Sixteen youth groups have been established in 14 villages, forming child collectives, leading environmental campaigns, and organizing sports and cultural events that engage children, adolescents, youth, and elderly residents.

  • Resilience: The Odia Lifeskills curriculum "Udia Tara" is implemented with adolescents. Additionally, youth are exposed to role models and participate in issue-based discussions. Currently, this project covers 2 blocks and 20 villages in Bargarh.

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