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"Investing in Youth, Investing in the Future"

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow, and at Patang, we believe in investing in their success. Our youth development programs are designed to provide young people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive. Whether it's through mentoring, job training, or leadership development, we are committed to helping the next generation achieve their goals. 

Sustainable Livelihood

A new ray of hope for indigenous populations in Western Odisha. It was conceptualized in 2016 as a ‘sustainable livelihood promotion and generation’ intervention. At the core of Ukia are people from tribal communities who lead and bring together various livelihood opportunities premised on the tribal way of life. The livelihood opportunities thus generated speak to their local context and realities.

The Squirrel

The Squirrel is a year-long leadership journey for young changemakers between 18 and 25 years of age from rural parts of Odisha. Squirrel volunteers / changemakers pick up issues that they are passionate about; and design and implement effective action projects to address them.

The Real Man : Regarding gender norms

Gender work has always been seen as a concern of and for women and men are seen as the perpetrators of gender inequality. However, while working in communities for gender equality a realization came to us that gender impacts boys/men too and no policies or forum see men as the primary beneficiary of gender programs. Their issues are hardly mentioned and therefore gender norms for men have never changed.


he Pathmakers programme aims at developing leadership among young people throughvolunteerism. This is a year-long youth development programme meant for college goingstudents aged between 18 and 25.

Multilingual Education

Patang’s observations from working with school children at the elementary level are that many adolescents from our communities have extensive and rich knowledge of mathematics and everyday science. They had ideas and experiences based on their daily lives but were unable to materialize them into academic subjects.

Two Feet Ahead Together

The Two Feet Ahead Together is a programme is run by organizations in Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Patang is implementing this programme in Bargarh and Bhatli Blocks in Bargarh.  The programme aims to impact 3 outcomes in the areas of education, participation, and resilience. 

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