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Our Board of Trustees

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Dr. Rita Mishra

Founder & CEO

Rita, a development professional with 25 years of pan India experience, have played diverse
roles - a social entrepreneur, facilitator, visiting faculty member and researcher, and founding of members and advisor of many organisations. She is trained in psychology and was awarded her PhD from JNU in the area of citizenship education. She has worked and published many articles in the area of youth, citizenship, education, child rights, sexuality and gender in national and international journals and have carried out research for Oxfam India, ActionAid India, IPPF, Mobile Creche etc.

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Mr. Debadideb Datta


Mr. Debadideb is a generalist with over 25 years of experience in non-profit organizations. Finance, compliance, and systems are his areas of expertise and he has served on the board of various non-profits across India. Currently, he serves as Director of Finance & Operations at the Institute for Sustainable Communities.


Ms. Mini Singh


Ms. Mini is a development professional with over 15 years of experience in the sector. She has designed and lead programmes and campaigns across the country on inclusive media, youth & inclusive citizenship, entrepreneurship and SDGs, and youth engagement programmes in democracy and governance. She has progressive experience in adolescent and youth development in India. She has extensive advocacy and communication experience with media organizations/ professionals to mainstream and ensure effective reporting of development and social issues. .

Our Team

Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak

Director- Youth Intervention

Mr. Surya Narayan Dash

Sr. Programme Manager

Mr. Radhakanta Meher

Sr. Programme Manager

Ms Gita Mishra

Sr. Finance Manager

Ms Nirupama Sarathy


Mr. Bijay Agrawal

Lead Finance & Operation

Mr. Sachidananda Mishra


Team Members

Amit Bag

Ankita Nahak

Nikita Dash

Bikash Chandra Deep

Chandramani Pera
Sasmita Sahu

Akash Kumar Nanda

Banasmita Padhan

Chhatrapati Bag

Ratan Machho,
Issac Russell

Bikash Kumar Mahapatra

Sasmita Kalet

Gobinda Buda
Dibakar Marei

Monalisa Khamari

Baishali Pradhan

Amulya Bariha

Barsharani Pradhan

Doleswari Meher

Jayanti Seth
Amina Begam

Anjan Kumar Padhan

Diibyadarshini Das

Ranjita Kalo

Jasoda Bag

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