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The Problem

Patang has been working in the Meghapal panchayat since 2015. This area is one of the most economically backward in the area and this is mainly due to the fact that this panchayat has not benefitted from the various government schemes and programs. In addition, the majority of young people in the area are migrating to other states in search of work opportunities. In 2016, in partnership with ActionAid and the district administration, Patang launched the Juba Sathi program to strengthen the leadership and participation of young people in community development.

Our Strategy

  • Orientation of community youth facilitators on government schemes and programs

  • Campaigning on accessibility of government schemes and programs

  • Campaigning to improve the livelihood of beedi workers (especially women)

  • Campaigning for land rights

  • Follow-up actions led by community facilitators

Livelihood for Youth

The Problem

As per the 2011 Census, every year 12.8 million young people (age group 15–29 years) enter the labor market; however, only one million jobs are created every year in the formal sector. This means that, with not enough opportunities, young people are forced to either depend on low wages jobs in the informal sector or to remain unemployed.
In Odisha, despite the recent years’ economic growth, unemployment remains an issue affecting mostly young people. In the Sambalpur district, due to scarce employment opportunities, a high number of youth migrates to neighboring states, looking for better opportunities. Unfortunately, most of them ends up employed in the informal sector and involved in hazardous occupations.
Keeping the above in view, Patang launched the Youth Development and Livelihood program to nurture entrepreneurship among young people and ensure employment opportunities in the local area.

Our Strategy

  • Capacity building of young people through exposure visits and participation to workshops

  • Awareness campaigns on entrepreneurship and employment government schemes and programs

  • Partnership with local established entrepreneurs


  • Developed ownership among young people towards their community.

  • Increased participation in Gram Sabha and Palli Sabha.

  • Reduced migration of young people thanks to their engagement in government livelihood schemes such as MGNREGA and skills development programs.

  • Increased number of government schemes beneficiaries after receiving land patta.

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